miercuri, 7 septembrie 2016

New video shows working iPhone 7 Plus in the wild

Apple won’t have many surprises left to reveal during its September 7 keynote, based on a new video that appears to show not one but three working iPhone 7 Plus devices ahead of their grand unveiling.
Notorious Apple leaker Sonny Dickson posted a short video of the three plus-size iPhones this morning, confirming many of the rumors that have claimed this year’s update won’t contain any huge design changes..
The back of the iPhone 7 Plus in Dickson’s video reveals that the device will indeed come with a highly anticipated dual-lens camera, though it won’t pick up a Smart Connector on the back (as was shown in some allegedly leaked iPhone bodies).
Other design changes include a new pressure-sensitive Home button and a tweaked antenna design, making it so the back metal plate has fewer bands. A speedy A10 processor, more RAM, waterproofing and dual speakers are also expected to be among the new features.
Apple is expected to open preorders for the device on September 9, with the public launch set for September 23.

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